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Präsentationen der Dutch PHP Conference 2012

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Wie ihr ja schon gelesen habt war ich dieses Jahr zum ersten Mal auf der Dutch PHP Conference. Für alle die nicht dabei sein konnten oder sich die parallel gelaufenen Sessions angucken möchten, hier eine Auflistung der Slides. In den nächsten Wochen und Monaten wird es im TechPortal auch die Audio-Aufzeichnungen zu hören geben.

Falls ihr die noch fehlenden Präsentationen findet, sagt bitte Bescheid!

07 Juni 2012

Web Services
Lorna Mitchell

Acceptance and Integration Testing With Behat
Ben Waine

The Agile Toolbox 2012 – Practices
Sebastian Schürmann

Agile Applications with ExtJS and Zend Framework
Chris Cornutt

Creating Re-usable Modules for Zend Framework 2
Matthew Weier O’Phinney

Cooking up a Virtual Development Environment
Alistair Stead

Getting into FLOW3
Robert Lemke

Estimation or ‚How to Dig Your Own Grave‘
Rowan Merewood

Learning backbone.js
Evert Pot

PHP in the Dark – shell scripts, daemons & parallel processing
Jeroen Keppens

08. Juni 2012

Programming Style and Your Brain
Douglas Crockford
Video mit dem gleichen Thema auf der YUIConf

SPL in the Wild
Elizabeth Marie Smith

Hands on FLOW3
Robert Lemke

How not to design a toad
Mike van Riel

Your code sucks! Let’s fix it.
Rafael Dohms

Designing Beautiful Software
Matthew Weier O’Phinney

OAuth: A Question of Trust
Lorna Mitchell

Mashing up JavaScript – Advanced techniques for modern web applications
Bastian Hofmann

If you are developing FOR the cloud, you should be developing IN the cloud.
Cal Evans

ElasticSearch [R]evolution: Welcome
Andrei Zmievski

A quick start on Zend Framework 2
Enrico Zimuel

Frisby.js: BDD for your REST API
Vance Lucas

I Teach PHP – HELP!
Clinton Ingrams

Cranking Nginx up to 11
Helgi Þormar Þorbjörnsson

The API Dilemma
Chris Cornutt

Travis CI – Distributed CI for the masses!
Josh Kalderimis

Social Media APIs
Werner Keil

Fast, Not Furious
Davey Shafik

Separating the concerns
Stephan Hochdörfer

Redis for the Everyday Developer
Ross Tuck

Aspect-Oriented Programming in PHP
Robert Lemke

Hardcore Performance Testing with JMeter
Boy Baukema

Designing HTTP Interfaces and RESTful Web Services
David Zülke

Scalability issues: cure first, prevent later
Thijs Feryn

Continuous data processing and PHP
Michael Peacock

Annotating with Annotations
Rafael Dohms

09. Juni 2012

Things that matter
Rasmus Lerdorf

Event and Signal Programming
Elizabeth Marie Smith

The state of DI in PHP
Stephan Hochdörfer

Extending Doctrine 2 for your Domain Model
Ross Tuck

Cryptography in Zend Framework
Enrico Zimuel

PHP 5.4: The New Bits
Davey Shafik

Coupling Cohesion and more SUDO science
Sebastian Schürmann

Puppet for dummies
Joshua Thijssen

Mini PHP Testfest
Michelangelo van Dam, Rafael Dohms

PHAR, the PHP .exe format
Helgi Þormar Þorbjörnsson

Agile Applications with ExtJS and Zend Framework
Chris Cornutt

Let’s build a parser!
Boy Baukema

HTML5 Canvas
Lineke Kerckhoffs-Willems

HTML5 Overview
Estelle Weyl

A Knapsack of Geotools: More than Just Google Maps
Andrei Zmievski

From the Ground Up: Hands-on coding, deploying, and scaling with AWS
Rowan Merewood

Composer: Project Dependency Management for PHP
Nils Adermann

REST APIs in Practice
Joshua Thijssen

Mobile is huge in Japan
Joe Stump

Written by Michael Kliewe

Juni 15th, 2012 at 10:52 am

5 Responses to 'Präsentationen der Dutch PHP Conference 2012'

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  1. Nice ones ! But -all- slides hosted on speakerdeck are down, so is there an alternative ?


    15 Jun 12 at 12:31

  2. I think you have to wait until it’s up again. Maybe some of them are also uploaded to slideshare, try to search there.

    Michael Kliewe

    15 Jun 12 at 12:50

  3. Ah, speakerdeck is up again… A bit slow but available again.

    Michael Kliewe

    15 Jun 12 at 15:21

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  5. Very Nice, thx for the review list!

    Arnold Hernach

    6 Sep 12 at 10:50

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